Love this song.

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Listen to Me Flow with AutoRap

I just spoke into my Android and this crazy app AutoRap transformed my speech into a sick rap beat:


My Pumpkin Pie & Cake shop .This was going to happen eventually . The idea was in the air for a long time .when I started laying out my back yard to my massive ass compound I knew that I wanted a single player feel to it .I randomly made my cookie house and the melon/pumpkin towers ..which invited more space to be filled . one of the ideas was a gazebo ,the other was a circular like mini mall which branched out to other smaller shops which would make its way to the Mcdonalds building I envisioned . I recalled Elisabeth had just joined the server and saw me lay some orange blocks down on some open space and commented on it . well That space eventually got filled with an animal/rustic house,reed farm,and a clock tower .The Mcdonalds got made and was mounted with my sheep jail and farms high above the ground on a series of suspended walkways . The sentiment for having an orange circle like mall became my armory/mall which linked my eventual city with my island with future plans to tie everything together . that still left the idea of a cake/pie shop kicking about. When I expanded on my reed farm and city I made lots for my buildings..with one little nook that needed to be filled I made my long awaited Pie and Cake shop . I did it overnight while working on other projects . It’s about 90% links to my armory’s walkway on the 2nd level which leads to the cafeteria ,which leads to the back exits to the city shops .